Shipping is FREE in EUROPE for purchases of SMALL ITEMS OVER 90 € (EURO ) or WORLD WIDE for purchase of small items OVER 200 € (EURO)

The shippement of LARGE ITEMS is FREE WORLDWIDE for purchases OVER 400 € (EURO )


Orders are shipped with traceable delivery by the deadline highlighted on the item at the moment of the purchase from the moment that we receive the payment, during working days (excluded weekend days and holidays) and from the moment that the courier take it. The purchaser or another Authorised Person can track the order on the official website of the courier.

San Marco 55 s.r.l send to the purchaser the number of research or way-bill useful to track the order on the UPS official website upon receipt of payment.

San Marco 55 s.r.l is not responsible for the failure or the delay in the sale, resulting from causes beyond its control including but not limited to natural disasters, measures of judicial authorities, failure of third parties and strikes.

Orders are prepared by our staff with great care and attention, using adequate packaging that allows you to protect the items from contingent impacts and shocks.

Upon receipt of the order, the Purchaser must verify that the box includes all items declared in the transport document  and items are not damaged, sabotaged, broken, altered and not perfectly intact; if items show some of this events the Purchaser must receive the box “with reserve” verbalizing in the delivery note the objections to be made; contingent recriminations on transport can not be challenged to the shipper when the delivery is received “without reserve”.

If the delivered box is visible sabotaged, the Purchaser must not accept the delivery and communicate it immediately to the e-mail  by 8 days and no later, in order to verify what happened with the courier.

There is required the signature of an adult person for the receipt of the box for each item, and from that moment the responsibility is transmitted to the Purchaser.

San Marco 55 s.r.l commit professional and reliable couriers who, under internal rules, can not leave boxes unattended to the entrance of your home: please, tell us an address where the courier can find someone who can sign for the receipt of your box.

All shipments are handled by proffessionals and serious couriers, who, for internal rules, can't leave packages unattended at the entrance of your home: please give us a safe address where the courier can find someone who can sign the withdrawal of the package.

All the items are shipped and insured with UPS.

All the proposed items are accompanied by a “product description card”, useful to odentify the product and its main features; the pictures may appear a little more bigger or smaller than the actual size in order to show crearly the details, because of the characteristics of the screen related to the use of digital tools or monitor with different resolutions , or present subjectly different colors. In this case the image is considered as indicative and not descriptive and for the specific peculiarities please refer to the additional information of the product card, or send us a mail at

In the case of products available in more colors and shapes the image is considered “ one for another”.

The prices pubòishes in our web site are expressed in euro currency, and they onclude their own local taxes, ; at the price of the article should be add the shipping cost for the targed location that will be visible at the check-out by entering your address.

The customs duties of the country of destination are always paid by the buyer at the time of custom clearance.